Reiki Treatments

"rei" Spiritual  and "ki" vital energy


Reiki Treatments: 15 minutes $20, 30 minutes $45, 60 minutes $75, 90 minutes $85


Reiki is an ancient sacred Japanese healing art that creates a deep meditative and healing full-body experience.

One receives Reiki fully clothed through a series of gentle, yet powerful hand placements. Tension, stress, and pain melt away under the warm and nurturing touch of the therapist. Chakras and major systems of the body receive concentrated life force energy, enhancing the body's inherent power to heal. Mind and spirit reconnect and a state of equilibrium is established. Recommended for any state of health.

Here are a few things Reiki works well on: stress, pain, toothaches, headaches, depression, anxiety, heartache, bereavement.

Your body will detox over the next few days following the treatment, so drink a lot of water and get plenty of rest. Clients report feelings of complete relaxation as pain, stress, and anxiety melt away.


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60 N Main St, Ashland, OR 97520, USA

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