Dreadlocks - Maintenance and Care Information

Our stylist Kirstin is the dreadlock expert. Here are some FAQ's from Kirstin:


What should I expect?

Dreadlocks, to begin with, can be a lot of work. They're going to do what they want to do and if you try and fight them, good luck with that. To elaborate, every set is different because everyone has a different thickness of hair, curly hair, straight hair, etc. I will be here to help you get your best look and explain to you what to expect.

How can I get tight dreadlocks?

'Tidy' tight dreadlocks take time to acquire. You can wear hats, use headbands, or tie them back (if they're long enough), but you won't be able to escape the fact that you've got loose hairs, tips, and roots, and that there isn't a huge amount you can do about it. Sometimes you can become completely obsessed with the loose hair. Loose hair is going to happen no matter what you do, it's normal and everyone has them. Overtime, mine have gone through phases of having loose hair and not having so much.

How do I clean and dry my dreadlocks?

You need to know they take a long time to dry. Each dread is like a little sponge soaking up water. Cleaning them will involve squeezing them out and letting them dry. The dry time is much longer than with normal hair. How long it takes for your dreads to dry will depend on the thickness, length, and maturity of the dreads. Washing and keeping them clean is the most important thing you can do to ensure their longevity and enjoyability. If you don't keep them clean, they will become greasy, itchy and generally unpleasant just like regular hair. Keeping them clean will keep your dreads and you happy.

What do I use to wash my dreadlocks?

You can wash as little or as often as you choose. I recommend a regular interval between washes. Do not use 'normal' shampoos because they can leave residue in your hair. Residues will make them sticky and irritated. The best product for dreadlocks is available here at the Plaza Salon and Spa: Tea Tree products from Paul Mitchell

Why dreads?

Dreadlocks are a fun process and, unlike with most things you do to your hair, they don't wash out. Once they've gotten a good start, they just get better and better. I recommend keeping a photo journal so you can really see how they're progressing as they get stronger and longer.

Is salt water okay?

Yes. Saltwater is generally thought of as being good for dreads. It makes hair frizzy and more prone to locking and the salt makes the hairs a little more abrasive which also helps to lock and tighten them. So, you can swim and surf in the sea all you want. Go have fun!


Is chlorinated water okay?

No. It's not particularly great for dreads or any hair really. If you swim often in chlorinated water, wear a bathing cap.


Can I add color to my dreads?

Yes. Choose a splash of any color to put at the end of your set.



Once you've got dreads, they're cheaper than 'most' other hair styles. And yes, you can remove dreadlocks without shaving your head.



On average it is $50 an hour. Please stop by, call or make an appointment for a consultation so Kirstin can give you an estimate for the total cost.

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