Henna Tattoos, Body Gilding, Glitter and Face/Body Painting


Amazing artist Amber Bishop of Boutique Body Art is now offering her services at The Plaza Salon and Spa.

Pricing: 15 minutes for $25, 30 for $50, 60 for $100, 120 for $180

The forearm henna art (pictured below and left) took 15 minutes.  The flower henna art (pictured below and right) took 30 minutes.

Henna is an organic plant-based skin stain that's been used for 1000’s of years!

• Hand mixed under a new or full moon and kept fresh in freezer.

• 100% organic mix of food-quality ingredients: lemon juice, sugar, and essential oils  (Can custom mix to accommodate citrus allergies)

• Independent Lab Certified free of lead and pesticides

• Lasts 1-4 weeks on the skin and then gradually wears away

• Works best on hands and feet — the farther down on extremities the better

Natural Henna / Mehndi lasts one to four weeks. White Henna, Body Gilding, Temporary and Glitter Tattoos last up to seven days.


Henna Aftercare

  • To get the best result, keep the henna paste paste on your skin for 4-12 hours. Flake off paste (do not wash).

  • For darker staining, the paste can be sealed to the skin with lemon/sugar solution or (carefully) with medical tape.

  • Keeping the area warm will also increase the staining.

  • Keep it dry to make the design last.

  • Seal with coconut oil to bathe.

  • Wear gloves for dishes, etc. Chlorine and solvent-containing lotions/substances will diminish stain.

  • Stain will be bright orange and light the first day. After 48+ hours your henna will “bloom” to its fullest color.


Gilding, Glitter, and Temporary Tattoos

  • Glitter Mehndi is an FDA approved cosmetic grade material applied either freehand (henna style) or with a stencil. It is waterproof and lasts up to 1 week.

  • Gild looks like liquid metal and uses real metal powders.

  • Glitter tattoos are applied in free-hand henna style (glitter mehndi) or by using popular stencils.

  • Mica powders are natural, mineral-based products and can be used in place of glitter.

  • Temporary tattoos are painted on with special paints and set with powder ("White Henna").


Care instructions:  

  • All gilding, glitter, and temporary tattoos can be removed with rubbing alcohol or time. Oil, sweat, and lotion will also fade or remove your art.

  • For maximum durability, place designs on the body in areas with NO hair and in areas that do not receive lots of friction.


Face / Body Painting

We use FDA Approved Cosmetic-grade paints.  These are the gentlest on the market and contain aloe, chamomile, coconut, and pigments.  Paints wash off with soap and warm water.  Use a dark washcloth to avoid staining your linens.

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